Recovering from a surgical operation is an extremely delicate process. Sainte Anne’s companions want to ensure that your healing process goes from start to finish without any complications. Our companions are committed to making your transformation as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Why Post-Operative Companionship Is Ideal?

From Hip Replacements to Cosmetic Surgeries, invasive procedures will leave patients out of commission for several weeks to a few months. During that period, these patients are required to follow a strict regimen to ensure that they complete the healing process without setbacks. The recovery process can be challenging, especially if you live alone or have children under your care. In addition, patients quite often don’t want their loved ones to see them in such a vulnerable state.

How Can Sainte-Anne’s Companions Help?

An operation such as “the Mommy Makeover” is accompanied by quite a bit of oozing and leakage. No patient should have to experience this discomfort and be burdened with cleaning up the mess afterward, especially in such a physically vulnerable state. Our companions will be there around the clock to assist with tasks such as changing bedsheets, running errands, meal preparation, and transportation. If needed, we can assist in creating a new diet plan which coincides with your doctor’s order. Our companions are committed to serving you until you’ve fully recovered and regained your independence.