Why Your Young Adult Should Have a Companion?

We believe in helping our clients achieve the full human experience. A disability should never burden a young adult from seeking higher education. Your scholar should be at liberty to attend every lecture, club meeting, sports game and all the other marvels of the college experience without feeling restricted. Your scholar deserves as much of a fair chance at success as every other student.

How Can Sainte Anne’s Companions Help?

Whether they’re dorming on/off campus or commuting to school, we can establish a plan which enables your scholar to attend every lecture. From carrying books to scribing lecture notes, our companion will be there for your scholar every step of their academic journey. We can also provide assistance during their after school hours, so they will have an opportunity to explore and make new friends. No young adult should feel like an outcast on campus, so we can offer plain clothes companionship for those who wish to be a bit inconspicuous. Plain clothes companions will always be close by, but dressed in regular attire with no brand identifiers.