Why Your Loved-One Needs Companionship?

A loved one being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s has a tremendous impact on everyone in the community. Not only does the client experience rapid mental deterioration, but the client’s family also endures much mental distress as they watch their loved one become a shell of their former self. The unpredictable nature of Alzheimer’s disease could make it difficult to stay on top of their actions 24 hours a day.

How Can Sainte Anne’s Companions Help?

Sainte Anne’s companions are strategically placed in your home to give the family a reprieve from the inconveniences that come with having a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Our dependable companions will keep your loved one on a stable daily routine, so that we curb the possibility of wandering. In those tense forgetful moments, Sainte Anne’s Companions can effectively use techniques of redirection to revert a client back to a pleasant state. Symptoms such as Sundowning can make it difficult to put a loved one to rest at night. Our agency can provide 24 hour care, for clients that need extra support through those tough nights.