Why Your Family Should Have a Companion?

The grieving process is a never ending journey. After a tragedy, the deceased often leave an irreparable void in the family. These instances are a fracture to the existing family system because that loved one may have had a crucial role in the family dynamic. That loved one may have been the only driver, cook, techie, hairstylist and/or task manager in the family. No one will ever replace your loved one, but having a companion in your home will lift the burden of having to take on their role in the home.

How Can Sainte Anne’s Companions Help?

Sainte Anne’s companions are pleased to provide various services to these struggling families until they are whole again. From meal preparation to maintaining the household, our caregivers are committed to filling the large shoes of your loved one(s). Handling the possessions of a loved one that has made their transition can be an unpleasant task at any point of the grieving process. Our team also assists with managing the belongings of the deceased loved one. Our companions will aid in moving their valuables into storage or handling any preferred disposal method.