What’s the difference between Non-Medical Home Care and Homemaker Companion agency?
A homemaker/companion provides a plethora of services revolving around the upkeep and efficiency of the household. A homemaker/companion can provide light housekeeping, meal preparation, run errands, and conduct many other tasks within the household. A homemaker/companion can also provide transportation, pleasant company during daily activities, and riveting conversation.
Are Companionship and Homemaker services regulated?
There is no regulatory body for Homemaker companionship agencies and services in New York State. Here at Sainte Anne’s Companion Care, we hold our policies, procedures, and operations to a standard comparable to many of the most heavily regulated states in the country.
How do you evaluate caregivers?
Our incoming caregivers undergo an extensive comprehensive review of their qualifications. Our team verifies their past employment history and personal references. Each candidate undergoes a criminal background, fingerprinting, motor vehicle records, and sex offender registry check. We also assess their interests and capabilities so that we find the best caregiver to match each particular client.
How quickly can I get services?
In the event of an emergency, we can provide a dedicated companion within a few hours. We would prefer to have 2-3 day notice before initiating service, but our team is readily prepared to serve our clientele, no matter how sudden the assignment is.
Are Companions and Homemakers insured?
Yes. Our agency has general and professional liability insurance coverage. Our companions are covered under our Workers’ Compensation insurance policy.
How do you stay in touch with me once I start service?
Our team is always one phone call away. We will routinely conduct quality assurance calls to evaluate whether our clients are satisfied with their service. Our field staff also performs quarterly home visits, and clients have the opportunity to participate in our “Client Services Satisfaction Survey”.
What are your payment options?
Payments can be made by personal check or debit/credit card. We also accept many long-term care insurance payments. We can also accept “Veteran Aid and Attendance” and “Housebound” benefits.
Is a Homemaker Companion Service limited to the elderly?
Our services are not limited to only elderly populations. Our agency can provide assistance to persons battling cancers, surviving spouses/relatives, and more. Please refer to our “services” page to get a full scope of everything we offer.
Can a Homemaker Companion “flip a lever or handle” to switch oxygen from an indoor tank to a tank that can be taken outside?
No. Persons in need of assistance with oxygen equipment should acquire the assistance of a licensed home health agency or nurse registry for services.
Can homemakers or companions record blood pressure readings for their clients?
No. Persons in need of assistance with their blood pressure should acquire the assistance of a licensed home health agency or nurse registry for services.
What if my companion can’t make it to work?
We are able to provide a replacement companion as soon as possible. Our agency has stand-by staff members readily available to fill in for emergency circumstances and callouts. In fact, we often pay travel expenses for caregivers who respond to emergency fill-in situations, at no cost to our clients.
Can my companion help me with my medication?
Companions are not allowed to administer any medications or medicated products to the clients. Our companions can provide medication reminders to ensure that our clients are adhering to their prescribed treatment plans.
Do I pay my companion directly?
No. Cost of care or wages should never be a topic of discussion between our clients and their companions. No forms of payment are to be exchanged between our clients and their companions, unless approved by the agency administration.
Can my companion provide assistance with ambulation?
No. Companions are not allowed to provide assistance with ambulation.
Can a homemaker/companion stabilize a client when walking, as needed, by holding the client’s arm or hand?
Our companions are not allowed to stabilize the client during daily activities such as walking. Our companions can make arrangements in the household catered towards proactively preventing injuries and falls. They may take temporary reactive measures only to avoid further falls or injury to persons who generally need no assistance. Once the person is “stabilized” and able to continue walking, there should be no further assistance.
What if I’m not living in my house? Can I still obtain your services?
Yes. Our services can cater to those living at home, in rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or having a temporary stay at the hospitals. Where and how you receive services is up to you.
What is the cost comparison between moving into a facility and remaining home?
With the cost of live-in facility admission on the rise, many have found our services to be the preferred option between the two choices. Cost comparisons will vary from state to state and even county by county. Give us a call and our team will help you find the most optimal way to stay independent and acquire the help you deserve, without disrupting your normal daily routine.