We're committed to helping our clients achieve a full life.
middle aged woman with elderly woman

Who We Are

SAINTE ANNE’S COMPANION CARE specializes in providing adults and seniors with Homemaker Companion Care in Valley Stream, New York. Our inception is an homage to the life of Sainte-Anne Andre, a mother of two, but caretaker to many that upheld a standard of love and support towards everyone in her community. Sainte Anne’s Companion Care is committed to conveying a similar reverence for our vulnerable community members and their families.

Our Mission Statement

Serving those entrusted to our care by fostering a standard of love and support for the sustenance of our community. We are committed to maintaining the welfare of our clients and their families, so they may navigate their vulnerable life circumstances with ease.

Our Vision Statement

Become one of the premier providers of client-centric companion services within the communities we serve.

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